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About Us

The Story Behind

ORGTraq journey began in 2016 when a US-based technology and paralegal services firm of Indian origin, based in the US, thought of setting operations in India. The raw Indian market opened doors to new possibilities, advanced creativity, innovation and scope for wholesome industry growth. The concerns, however, were the extensive compliance, legalities and governance. In order to comply with the evolving challenges, the company built one of its kind web-based platforms to bring accountability, visibility, trust and compliance to remote work.

The Evolution

The web-based platform became an overnight success - so much so that a unique flagship product was branched out of this. This product led to an entirely new business of advanced innovation and creativity and thus ORGTraq was born.

One Product Does It All

Evolving enterprises are aware that to remain competitive, they need to foster development and creativity across various departments in the organization. ORGTraq helps businesses get more done with one simple tool, thereby helping them save money, regulate enterprise-wide accountability, manage governance and generate meaningful ROI.