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Employee Tracking Software

Track your employee activities and ensure productivity

Track your team from anywhere in the world. ORGTraq’s employee Tracking software will let you track the time spent on each task and ensure employee productivity.

employee activity tracking employee activity tracking
Employee Time Tracking

Track the exact working hours of each employee.

project time tracking project time tracking
Project Time Tracking

Measure the actual time spent on each task accurately.

track websites applications track websites applications
Website & Application Tracking

Track the websites and applications used by employees during their work hours.

realtime dashboard realtime dashboard
Real-time Dashboard

Know how many employees are active, idle, and offline in real-time.

track employee productivity track employee productivity
Employee Productivity Metrics

Track employee productivity with ease.

automatic screenshots automatic screenshots
Automatic Screenshots

Automatically capture your employee screens at a regular interval.

key strokes key strokes

Record the mouse and keyboard activity of your employees.

stealth mode stealth mode
Stealth Mode

Track your employee screens without appearing on the taskbar or installed applications.

Supported OS : Windows. MAC and Ubuntu versions coming soon...

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