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Finance & Accounting Software

Easily manage your business finances & Accounting

Manage all your business accounting and finances with ORGTraq. The stand-alone benefit is that all the data from your business automatically flows into your finance and accounting.

accounting budgets accounting budgets

Allocate the budget to several categories of your business and track the budget spent accordingly.

Invoicing software Invoicing software

Generate GST-Ready invoices and send mail to your client in a single click.

Generate quotations Generate quotations

Easily generate professional quotations/estimates and link them to an invoice.

create purchase orders create purchase orders
Purchase Orders

Generate professional PO and communicate requirements to your vendors with clarity.

generate proforma invoices generate proforma invoices
Proforma Invoices

Generate proforma invoices and share them with your clients before you receive the payments.

accounting receivables accounting receivables

Record all the receivables that are pending from your client.

accounting payments out accounting payments out
Payments Out

Record all the payments made out by your business.

credit note debit note credit note debit note
Credit/Debit Note

A commercial document that is issued by a seller to a buyer.

accounting ledgers accounting ledgers

Automatically record all the account transactions and maintain several ledgers.

accounting cashbooks accounting cashbooks

Manage and record all the cash transactions with the cashbook.

accounting trial balance accounting trial balance
Trial Balance

Automatically compile all the ledger balances in the trial balance.

accounting balance sheet accounting balance sheet
Balance sheet

Maintain a financial statement of all the assets and liabilities of your business.

accounting profit & loss account accounting profit & loss account
Profit & Loss

Easily generate a profit & loss statement for your business periodically.

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