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HRM Software

A people-centric HRM Software for your Organization.

Digitize all your HR process and empower your employees with convenience. A 360 degree HRM tool that will take care of your entire HR process right from managing your employee data to managing your leaves, remuneration, appraisal, and much more.

employee management software employee management software
Employee Profiles

Create & manage your employee profiles digitally.

employee onboarding and exit employee onboarding and exit
Onboarding & Exit

Simplify the process of onboarding and exit formalities

manage employee documents manage employee documents
Employee Documents

Manage all your employee documents like education background, previous employment, achievements, onboarding, and much more.

manage employee leaves manage employee leaves
Manage Leaves

Apply, manage and approve leaves without any hassle. See who all in your team have approved leaves and plan your tasks accordingly.

manage employee shift zones manage employee shift zones
Manage Shift zones

Create and allot employee shift zones.

manage assets manage assets
Manage Assets

Manage tangible and intangible assets of your organization and assign it a resource with ease.

employee quality monitoring employee quality monitoring
Quality Monitoring

Ensure employee quality by monitoring their project-wise performance. Raise an issue or recognize an employee for their good work.

manage appraisals manage appraisals
Manage Appraisals

Benefit your employees with on-time appraisals.

holiday calendar holiday calendar
Holiday Calendar

List all the holidays and events in a calendar that is accessible by all the employees of your organization.

HR Templates HR Templates
HR Templates

Ready-made custom templates for all your onboarding, appreciation, warning & exit documents.

org chart org chart
ORG Chart

Get a view of the hierarchical structure of your organization.

Employee IP restriction Employee IP restriction
Employee IP Restriction

Restrict employees to access the software only when connected to a particular IP address.

Announcements Announcements

Make announcements easily. You don’t have to strain your voice anymore.

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