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Project Management Software

Manage every project efficiently with our powerful cloud-based project management software.

A project management tool where you can manage tasks, assign resources, add milestones and do much more efficiently. Never miss a project timeline and stay on top of your project status.

project management project management
Manage Projects

Creating a project is now way easier with inline edit functionality. Add people, set priority, and track through the progress with more control on resources & tasks.

manage tasks manage tasks
Manage Tasks

Add tasks, assign people, set priority, and track the status of the task completion. Feel the advantage of having a checklist in a task, your team will love it.

project milestone project milestone
Add Milestones

Set project milestones and schedule payments accordingly. Completion of a milestone depends on the completion of tasks listed below the milestone.

predecessor predecessor

Predecessors are dependant tasks for each task. Add a predecessor task in order to indicate the dependency of a selected task.

project timesheet project timesheet

Your teams fill up the timesheet against the project/task assigned. It not only helps an organization in tracking productivity but also helps in determining the project cost in man-hours.

skill set skill set

Define skill sets required for the timely completion of the project.

project billing project billing
Project Billing

Schedule billing according to the milestones, checkpoint, or effective date. Indicate a project as billable and bill your clients according to the man-hours spent.

taskbuckets project areas taskbuckets project areas
Task Buckets & Project Areas

Define project areas and task buckets. See how your project is progressing according to a project area or task bucket.

project budget project budget
Project Budget

Allocate a project budget and enforce it accordingly.

gantt chart gantt chart
Gantt Chart

A bar chart that shows all your tasks added to the project. A Gantt chart will help you get a birds-eye view of all the tasks in a day, weekly & monthly wise.

todo's todo's

Some tasks are not a part of the project but play a very important role in day-by-day scenarios. To-Do’s will help you to track random daily tasks and their timelines efficiently.

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