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OrgTraq is an easy choice for all your organization’s compliance needs.

Manage your organization’s compliance by digitally managing all your policies, audits, complaints, and much more with ORGTraq.

manage policies manage policies

Track the date & time of the policy sent & acknowledgment received by the user with ease. Version control your company policies and easily notify the users or group of users about new policies & procedures by system-generated email.

manage audits manage audits

Maintain and track all the internal audits in your organization with OrgTraq's compliance feature.

manage complaints manage complaints

Manage all the complaints raised within the organization and assign them to a resource for the resolution of the complaint.

change request change request
Change Requests

Track all the change requests within your organization while maintaining the status of the request.

manage training manage training

Manage all the training that is given to the employees while maintaining the training schedule and information.

manage testing manage testing

Create an online skill test for all the employees and understand the level of understanding for certain skillsets.

incident management incident management
Incident Management

Manage all the incidents and add all the lessons learned & solutions provided.

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