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Timesheet & Payroll Software

Running payroll is simple. Trust us on this

We can imagine the month-end scenario of every HR department. It is not an easy task and takes a lot of time to calculate, deduct, review leaves, run payroll, and whatnot. ORGTraq’s timesheet & payroll with HRM is here to make all your payroll burden automated.

employee timesheet employee timesheet
Manage Timesheet

Manage and approve timesheets filled by your employees.

manage payroll manage payroll
Run Payroll

Run payroll by multi-selecting the employees you want to run the payroll. The gross salary, net salary, CTC, take-home, deductions are automatically calculated according to the timesheets filled by your employees.

employee payslips employee payslips
Employee Payslips

Payslips are automatically generated so that your employees don’t have to get in touch with you every time they are in need of a payslip.

employee earnings employee earnings
Employee Earnings

Your employees can easily get an overview of the salary structure, tax exemptions, and earning history.

salary in advance salary in advance
Salary in Advance

Record and manage all salary advances or employee loans and set a repayment plan accordingly.

employee expenses employee expenses
Employee Expenses

Manage and reimburse employee allowance and expenses.

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