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Empower Your Resources with a tool that gets them more productive complete business management software that makes collaboration between different departments and delivers better accountability of resources

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Employee Tracking

Track Employee Activity

Keep track of the websites & applications used by your employees

Project Time Tracking

Track the time spent on each task accurately

Track Productivity

Measure the employee productivity

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Create and send GST ready invoices


Close a deal faster with professional quotations.

Purchase Orders

Release an official PO to the supplier

Proforma Invoice

A preliminary bill or an estimated invoice to collect payments before delivery of goods/services.


Record all the payments received fully or partially.

Payments Out

Track all the payments that are made fully or partially


Manage and allocate budgets

Credit/Debit Note

Issue a credit/debit note with ease

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A book of accounts where financial transactions are recorded automatically


Record all the cash transactions

Trial Balance

A bookkeeping worksheet where all your ledger balances get posted automatically.

Financial Statements

Analyze your company financial statements through the balance sheet, profit & loss account, cash flow statement, and income statement.

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Project Management

Manage Projects

Manage tasks, add milestones & do much more


Daily tasks that don’t belong to a project


Create and share excel, doc files on the go

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Video Meetings

Schedule Meetings

Create an instant meeting or schedule it accordingly.

Add Participants

Host a video meeting with up to 75 participants.

Share Screen

Share your screen and present the way you want

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Manage leads acquired from different sources.


Covert potential lead into a deal/opportunity

Manage Campaigns

Create campaigns and measure ROI

Teams & Targets

Create sales teams and assign multiple targets.

Bulk Mailing

Never miss a chance on reaching out to your potential audience with bulk emails.

Sales Calendar

Know the complete schedule of your sales team.

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Timesheet & Payroll

Employee Timesheets

Track the time spent on each task

Manage Payroll

Automate your payroll calculation

Employee Expenses

Track employee expenses & reimbursements

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Manage Employees

Manage employee profiles & documents

Manage Leaves

Easily manage employee leaves

Employee Quality Monitoring

Recognize a good work or raise an issue

Manage Assets

Organize & manage company assets

Manage Appraisals

Timely appraisals is equals happy employees

HR Templates

Onboarding, Appreciation, Warning & Exit Templates

Org Chart

Bird-eye view of organizations hierarchy

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Service Desk

Help Desk

Raise customer support tickets and track them to the resolution.

Defects & Enhancements

Create project-related defect/enhancement tickets.

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Manage Relations

Manage Clients

A client management system for your business

Manage Vendors

Maintain better vendor relationships


Organize and manage all your business contacts with ease.


Manage all the organizations that are on good terms with your business.

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